How to do a good submission when applying for AppCampus


We've had a lot of questions regarding how to do a good submission when applying for AppCampus -funding. We hope this post will help with some of the key issues of what should be included in the submission and how to do proper homework before submitting it. 

When evaluating your app ideas, we always try to determine if they are a good fit with our selection criteria. In short, we are looking for innovative, first-to-market ideas for Windows Phone apps. We also judge design elegance and try to assess their potential to drive momentum.   Here are two concrete ways you can improve your submissions to AppCampus:   1: Include sufficient visual documentation. Be sure to include UI mockups, wireframes, storyboards, drawings, diagrams, videos, or similar material that clearly explains how the proposed mobile app would look like, and how each of the main features would work. This makes it much easier for us to understand your app as well as helps us evaluate its design.   Image

If you have an existing application or web service that is not optimized for mobile, it is not sufficient to state that you will “just make a mobile version of our existing X or Y app”. That just screams laziness. We want to see that you have gone through the process of thinking through why your mobile app is even needed, which features make sense to have there, and how they would look and work.

Image   It is not necessary to include very accurate or high quality visual materials. We just want to see enough level of detail to understand the idea. You can use your favorite tool to produce these materials. In case you need help, here are some links you may find useful:

2: Show us that you have studied your competition. Keep in mind that we are primarily looking for innovative, first-to-market app ideas. Provide clear arguments and evidence detailing why your app is significantly different/better/cooler/crazier than the competition. If we find a similar app on any mobile platform that we believe is doing the same things as your proposed app, you stand very little chance of being selected for an award.   Use your favorite search engine to find apps on any mobile platform that are similar or comparable to your proposal. Here are some basic search terms, but the more thorough you are, the better:

  • my cool idea mobile app
  • my cool idea windows phone
  • my cool idea iphone
  • my cool idea android


Be sure to use question number 12 in our application form to address your top competitors and explain what makes your app radically different. If you state that you have no competitors whatsoever, you are just telling us that you have not done your homework.   We wish you the best of luck and keep the submissions coming! We’ll be happy to answer any questions in the comments below.

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