WOWZAPP winner is...

WOWZAPP was a worldwide Windows 8 hackathon organized by Microsoft. There were 6 anchor points around the world and Finland hosted the anchor event for Western Europe.

The hackathon was a huge success and over 650 hackers showed up for the event (100 more than registered) to work together in teams building apps all night long. AppCampus also participated in organizing a competition for the best mobile app idea with a 20.000 € award prize.

We have now chosen the WOWZAPP Winner and it is (drum beats) a board game by Magnificent Eight! They managed to build a stunning looking game with a great gameplay in the 24 hours of the Hackathon. Now, with the AppCampus award they are going to be able to take it to a whole new level. Congratulations to the winner company, we can't wait to see your app!

Channel 9 participated in Wowzapp Finland and published 2 videos from Finland. Check them out!

Start of the event and end of the event.


EDIT: The winning app was a cooperation effort between Nordkapp and Magnificent Eight to develop a WP8 board game prototype. Sami Niemelä and Teppo Kotirinta from Nordkapp contributed for the concept, graphics and sound. The Magnificent Eight provided the 3D engine & graphics, and developed the App prototype. The AppCampus award goes to Magnificent Eight to develop a Windows Phone App.

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