Who can apply?
AppCampus is an open, global program for everyone regardless of nationality. The program is open globally both for companies and individuals/teams. AppCampus provides funding for mobile Apps developed for Windows Phone and additionally other Nokia platforms.
How can I apply?
Just fill in the submission form.
What is the selection criteria for the AppCampus program?
Differentiation: a brand new app that is not available in any mobile app store, OR an existing app on iOS/Android with differentiated features on Windows Phone (please see next question and look at Key Features we warmly welcome).
Mass market appeal: potential to generate a high number of downloads (more than 0,5 million per year) and/or revenue (tens of thousands of EUR)  

Experienced mobile developer: has experience building apps on one of the main mobile platforms (iOS/Android/WP) with demonstrated design, technical and business capabilities.
Convincing Overall Proposal: app design, technical solution, business model.  

Windows Store Application selection criteria:
- Approved Windows Phone application submission in AppCampus program
- Team needs to have proven execution capability and proven success for published apps
- Windows Phone application and planned Windows Store application has to have a common backend if applicable
- The key features of your Windows Phone application are supported also in your Windows Store application
- Your Windows Store application supports modern UI for touch device

What if my App is already published in another mobile app store?
In order for us to waive our "Windows Phone first" requirement, your App should have already achieved outstanding success on other platforms. You should be able to demonstrate your success via key metrics such as download numbers and ratings.  Additionally, your proposal should offer differentiating exclusive content or features for Windows Phone. Please keep in mind that these exclusive features are covered in the exclusivity period (see below). 
What does "Exclusivity" mean in the context of AppCampus?
Once the App is up on the relevant App Store (Windows Phone and/or Nokia), the App developer may not post a similar application to a competing store for 90 days.
What support does AppCampus provide for the developers?
AppCampus provides funding (financial awards, no equity investment, no commission), training & coaching, and support in many other areas like marketing, marketplace qualification process etc.
Will there be events coming up where more information will be given?
The best way to stay on top the latest news and events is to follow AppCampus on Facebook and Twitter. AppCampus blog is also a channel, where we aim to share all the latest news. You can also subscribe to the AppCampus newsletter on our homepage. 
What language should be used for applications?
The working language in the program is English. The Apps which are developed in the program may be customized for the language of the target markets.
Can teams get funding even if they don't want any coaching?
The level and amount of coaching will be tailored case by case, but we believe that some coaching, either technical or business-related, is nearly always necessary.
What is the cost to be a member of AppCampus?
The AppCampus program is free for all the participants.
App is a broad term, what are you looking for? Productivity tools, games, technical showcases, social media etc.?
We do not exclude any type of Apps, other than those that have socially inappropriate content, though we may emphasize certain themes in the future. We are very focused on the impact of the app, which may be a combination of potential revenue generation, potential volume of penetration, and potential positive impact on society.
Can I outsource the app development to a third party?
The AppCampus award can be used to cover the app development by a third party. However, you will remain the contact person toward the AppCampus program.
Will AppCampus cover the travelling cost to Finland for the training and coaching period?
If you are selected to participate to the training and coaching period, AppCampus will cover some of the costs for travelling to Finland.
Can I apply more than one time to the AppCampus program?
Yes. However, various applications need to be submitted separately and they are processed individually.
Is there a deadline for applying to the program?
No. AppCampus accepts submissions on a continuous basis during the course of the program. 
Where can I check or update the status of my application?
If you have an enquiry about your submission, please send your questions to info@appcampus.fi together with your application ID. 
What if circumstance changes and I am not able to support my AppCampus application anymore?
You can withdraw your submission by sending a request to info@appcampus.fi.
Can I apply for a Windows Phone 8 app?
Yes, Windows Phone 8 applications are fully supported by the program.
When will I get feedback on my AppCampus application?
We typically will deliver decision on application within 4 weeks of submission. However, the reply time can vary due to the increase in submitted applications. 
Will programming, marketing, and business workshops be available to AppCampus participants? How long will I need to stay in Finland for the workshops?
We offer AppCampus teams remote support on quality and a variety of other topics; we also run the AppCademy acceleration camp a couple of times a year where we invite some of the most promising teams from our portfolio.
What are the next steps after I'm accepted to the AppCampus program?
The period between you being selected to the program and graduating as an Alumni, is called the Award Process. You can read more about the process here.
I can’t attach a document to my submission. The link (url) is too long. What should I do?

Please provide us with URL links (see dropbox, skydrive…) to any documents that you wish us to review. If you wish to protect them with a password, don't forget to send us the required username and password. If your URLs are too long, you can use a URL shortener like tinyurl.com or bitly.com.

How long does it take to get the payment after the design/release milestone has been approved?
Usually the payment is done already during the following day from the approval.
How much time am I allowed to use for my project?
We aim for the teams to finalize their projects in an average of 4 months. However, all projects are of different size and complexity, therefore you should give us your best estimate for the release date. Timeframe examples provided in the Project Definition template are only for guidance.
I am developing a game, should I follow Windows Phone design guidelines?
Games are different from Silverlight applications and they differ from Windows Phone design style and are free to express creativity in gameplay and UI design. This is true for XNA games and non-WP styled games. However, all quality test cases still apply, with the exception of WP styled games. Please refer to DPS Quality Bar chapter 4 for more info.
If I get accepted to the program, do I have to travel to Finland or can I work remotely?
The entire project can be done remotely. Getting funding does not require for you to come to Finland. However, we have a 4-week intensive coaching and training camp called AppCademy organized a couple of times a year in our co-working premises in Finland, where we invite and sponsor some of the most promising teams from our portfolio. Only some of the AppCampus teams are invited to the camp. Of course we expect that the selected teams are excited for the opportunity and world class support they will be provided during the camp and therefore happy to participate.
How can I participate in the next AppCademy?
We offer AppCademy camps to accepted AppCampus teams only. If you're accepted to the program, you can communicate your interest to participate in the camp, however we investigate and estimate each team individually and invite the most promising ones to come to the camp.
I have difficulties registering a company account to Windows Phone Dev Center. Can you help me out?
If you face any challenges during the Dev Center registration, please contact Symantec support directly (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windowsphone/help/jj244361(v=vs.105).aspx ). AppCampus team is not able to help you with Dev Center related topics.
What kind of test devices does AppCampus have to borrow the developers for testing?
We have a variety of Nokia phones to borrow ranging from the leading edge Nokia 1020 to the affordable 520 and the Nokia Asha 311.
How do I test my App?
Please check out our blog post about testing your App here: http://www.appcampus.fi/blog/130-testing-testing .
What if don't have experience creating mobile apps? Do you only give awards to applicants with a successful track record?
We put a lot of attention to your experience and demonstrated success with mobile apps. This does not mean that we don't give awards to brand new developers, however the bar is much higher if you are a new company or have little experience in mobile development. You would really have to blow us away with an exceptionally innovative idea with very high potential in order to qualify for an award.
What is the referral code requested in the AppCampus submission form?
We use these codes to identify applications referred to AppCampus by one of our partners. We collaborate with several mobile accelerators and startup-related organizations. If you are working with one of our partners, you may have been given a special URL that automatically inserts your referral code into our application code. If you don't have such a code or URL, just leave the question empty.
What are the Mobile App Acceleration Camps (MAACs)?
 Mobile App Acceleration Camps is an initiative designed to help talented teams launch a successful mobile app or mobile game through the AppCampus program. We give participants the technical, business and financial support to help them build a great app for the Windows Phone Store. A MAAC event is a two day camp with approximately 10 teams participating. Agenda consists of pitchig and mentoring sessions, AppCampus application submissions and 1:1 discussions. MAAC events are organized all over the wolrld. More information at http://www.appcampus.fi/blog/229-mobile-app-acceleration-camp-fast-track-to-appcampus