Go-To-Market AppCademy soon over – Roberto from Italy sums up the two weeks

Silja Kaurala | 10 Apr 2014 | appcademy, appspace


Hello everyone! Roberto (left) here from Interactive Project, we arrived here in Helsinki with my colleague Francesco after few adventures at the airport, last week on a cold Sunday night. After that first morning of trials and errors in terms of logistics we really made it (surprisingly on time) to the great location of AppCampus!

Working, working, working, listening, understanding, trying, failing and improving. There is an incredible amount of work going on on the 4th floor of the Open Innovation House at Aalto University and that really made us launch ourselves in this great adventure.

But let us come to what was going on. What is this new format AppCademy really? Words might be not enough to describe it but maybe art can come in help (thank to our Art Director Carmine Pucci for the great designs).


Yes, exactly. We and our fellow friends from the other teams participating in the AppCademy are here for nothing but learning about the best ways to implement an efficient Go To Market Strategy (and yeah, pitching is also part of the process).

Morning lectures were followed by 1-to-1 mentoring and ideas sharing. We also had the chance to learn a lot of tricks and “how to” about the channels AppCampus is providing us. We really got into action since the first day with the warm welcome of Microsoft, Otaniemi and AppCampus mentors and right after that we were just asked to pitch.

Just spending two words about that, I didn’t feel that self-confident the first day, but thanks to the feedback from mentors and friends of the other apps I could really understand what I needed to improve. Francesco and me spent a lot of time trying and fine-tuning our pitch and, I must admit, only a few days after, I already started to feel more self-confident and prepared in situations where I am required to pitch or to chat either informally or more professionally.

Many sessions these two weeks helped the teams to figure out which channels are the best to promote the apps and how it is possible to access some of them, depending on the need of the specific Windows Phone application.

Great week-end last one! Well… it started with a pizza and a beer all together on a Friday evening, so what’s better than that? We lost each other on Saturday but, we met on Sunday in small groups, someone went abroad, someone stayed in Helsinki and, someone else, walked the path of the beautiful island of Suomenlinna, not scared by wind and cold and rain and fog!

Second week started with all the groups full of energy and ready to give their best in any situation. More meetings, more work, people from all over the world and the chance to learn a lot. It is incredible how is possible to learn and help each other also among our friends.

The week is not already over and, personally, I am already missing AppCampus and the great people I met here and I might guess that it is a feeling shared by all my friends and fellow colleagues here.

I would really suggest to all the developers to apply to AppCampus, it’s a great opportunity and a great experience. One advice to who wants to give it a try? Never, and I stress it, never give it up or be afraid to try and fail. Try, first time was not the best? That’s fine, ask for feedback, study, train hard and try again. Ask people, don’t be afraid to ask and always look forward to improve. You will find your way, sooner or later.

Again, thanks to AppCampus staff for making these weeks such a great experience. Definitely and infinitely worth it.

Roberto Oliva, Interactive Project

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