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AppCampus is an €18 million joint project of Aalto University, Microsoft and Nokia. We offer financing and coaching in mobile technology, design and usability to Windows Phone developers.

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Go-To-Market AppCademy soon over – Roberto from Italy sums up the two weeks

10 Apr 2014


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Go-to-Market AppCademy halfway through – how has it been so far?

04 Apr 2014

Our spring Go-to-Market AppCademy is now half-way through, and it’s time to look back at the busy week of our 17 amazing AppCademy teams who arrived in AppSpace and Finland on Monday. The days of our campers have been filled with learning and training: introduction to Go-to-Market, pitching, App Store Optimization, monetization, and of course daily 1-on-1 discussions with our coaches.

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